The Kingdom Calls

Not the actual book cover for The Kingdom calls.
Not the actual book cover. But, ya know.

The Kingdom Calls is the next thing I’ll be publishing. Now that The Barrier is live and out of my hands at Amazon, I’m working hard to get this one done. I’ve found that speaking and mentioning my goals to others helps me stay honest, so here is the plan moving forward.

Sometime in July, I’d like to publish my first full sized novel – The Kingdom Calls. It’s about a man who is being abducted by aliens at night. He decides he’s had enough, and figures out a way to wake up on their ship. It’s much deeper than that, of course, but that’s my elevator pitch. If you like intergalactic space politics, DNA splicing and unraveling various plots and schemes – you’ll really like The Kingdom Calls.

By December or January, I’d like to have the second Enfoldment book available. We’ll call it…”The Barrier Part II” for now. I can’t decide on the name yet. The novella got it all started, and you were introduced to everyone and got a taste of life in the Federated States. In the next installment, our protagonists will face off against the Grid AI to save Abbey – but does she even need saving? And we’ll meet some new actors with dubious intentions.

Then I have a slew of other stories that are half baked, just rotting in the Google drive. The Devil of Dijon, Dusty, Franks Friend…I hope over the next two years I can get most of them into a state worth reading. I’m not only interested in sci-fi, but also dark comedy…if that’s your bag, you’ll want to stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far. Although I’d publish these things even if no one read them, to know that I have a small readership of actual humans is pretty fantastic.