The Best Sci-Fi on Kindle

The Barrier Book Cover

I’m talking about The Barrier by Smith Ellis, of course.

Ok, so, maybe that’s a stretch. The best sci-fi book on Kindle is probably Dune. Or…anything by Asimov, Heinlein, etc. But maybe, just maybe, you can give The Barrier a try?

I think you’ll like my novella, even if you compare it to the best sci-fi on Kindle. It has everything most sci-fi fans want.

  • A vision of the future? Check.
  • AI? Check.
  • Cool fights? Check.
  • Robots? Check.
  • Evil henchmen? Check.

But that’s not all. It also has some weighty ideas that might entice and/or trouble you.

  • What does it mean to be a human?
  • What does it mean to die?
  • When you are powerless, can you learn to get your power back?
  • Is our evolution tied to our machines?

But The Barrier -The Pleading Continues

I know it’s a risk. You are risking $2.99. You have no past experience with my writing, and no way to know if The Barrier stacks up to the best sci-fi books on Kindle or not. But please consider buying it anyway!

Even if you hate sci-fi, or wind up disliking my book – it would mean a lot to me if you invest in my efforts. I have another full length novel in the works, and eventually I’ll be writing part two of this story – hopefully another full length novel instead of a short novella. I’m sure you had or have a dream that you just haven’t gotten around to chasing. Or maybe your job or family pushed your dream a little further out of your reach.

Well, live vicariously through me as I try to make it work! I need your help. I want to get better at writing books, and I want my work to become important and interesting to a large audience. Will you help me?