Beta Reader Instructions

Are you willing to be a Beta reader for my work? That would mean a great deal to me. All you have to do is read the things I send out and give me your feedback. It can be detailed, line item edits – or it can just be basic “hey, I think there is a plot hole here”…as long as it is constructive feedback, I’m interested in it.

To get a Beta read sent to your Kindle, for free, you need to a little legwork. Log into Amazon and go to “Accounts and Lists” in the upper right. Then choose “Your Content and Devices” from the drop down menu. Then click “Preferences” on the top menu bar. Scroll down the page to “Personal Document Settings” and get the email address for your device. It is I’ll need that. Then scroll down some more and look for “Approved Personal Document E-Mail List”. You’ll need to add me to the list of approved senders. Please add “”.

Once that is done, just fill this out:

I will never use this for anything other than sending you Beta reads. I will stop doing that anytime you ask me.