The Barrier by Smith Ellis

The Barrier Book Cover

The Barrier is a sci-fi novella that doesn’t skip the action. With roots in action based television sci-fi, The Barrier reads like a mini-series you’d binge watch on Netflix.

James Novak is an ex-soldier, and he likes to live in the real world. Almost everyone else prefers to upboard themselves permanently into the virtual. When James’ girlfriend decides to upboard and leave him behind, he finds himself caught up in a strange conspiracy.

The Grid AI is alive and working against humanity. To succeed in its machinations, it must eliminate the shadow conspiracy and everyone attached to it. With so much at stake, drastic actions have to be taken by humanity to prevent catastrophe.

  • Can James uncover the plot he’s been pulled into?
  • Can he remain human, even as he’s torn from his own body?

If you love fast paced sci-fi, you’ll love The Barrier.

I want a sci-fi novella, but why buy The Barrier by Smith Ellis?

Smith Ellis Author
Smith Ellis: handsome up-and-coming author.
  • Do you love sci-fi?
  • Are you looking for a short but entertaining sci-fi novella to read?
  • Do you like actively supporting artists and makers who are just getting started?

If you answered yes, please consider ordering The Barrier. I’ve written a great first effort, and a worthwhile read. I want to share it with you.

I’m a fan of science fiction. A big fan. But I’ve often been concerned that the genre sometimes disappears up its own…intellect. As a result, I had a few goals when writing The Barrier:

  • I wrote a story with deep ideas that didn’t sacrifice the fun of the story.
  • I built a world through small details and implications, but I didn’t spend forty pages telling you how the steel was smelted.

If sci-fi bores you but big ideas don’t, you should really enjoy this book.

Another audience I’d like to target are the philosophers. If you don’t really like science fiction, but you like to think about the post technology role of man, you will love The Barrier. As we near the inevitable turning point, what does it mean to be human? When we can disappear into a virtual world or move our minds out of our bodies, then what are we really? What happens to religion? What happens to science?

The Barrier explores these ideas and more. I’d love for you to give it a read and tell me what you think.

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